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Not Nietzsche

While this blog has come to focus (for the moment) on the works of Friedrich Nietzsche, it was never meant to be a “Nietzsche blog.” I started off by sharing my thoughts on a range of philosophical subjects, and will continue to do so. This is where you’ll find all of my non-Nietzschean musings.

A Truth Best Ignored?

I’ve been without belief in free will for a while now. My conversion to the view that we’re not the authors of our actions took place a few years ago, and I’ve remained steadfast in that view ever since. Even when I still believed that I was the originator of all of my opinions and […]

A Question

My laptop is still receiving treatment (though it should be back in action next week), and as such this week’s post will be short. Even last week’s post, which was itself unusually short, was a bit too long to comfortably write with thumbs only. This week, I’d just like to put a question out there. […]

The Electric Aneurysm

“Whatever you undertake, cast your eyes on death.” Seneca, Epistle 114.27 This past week, I suffered a sudden and unexpected loss. I was meeting with a friend online, and we were making small talk and preparing to play video games together. We were reviewing our respective weeks, joking around, and settling on which video game […]

The Half-Assed Philosopher Pays the Wages of Hubris

If there’s one thing about myself that I wish I could change, it would be my tendency to expect my present circumstances to persist indefinitely. This tendency takes a variety of different forms. Sometimes I find myself thinking that whatever misfortune I’m undergoing must last forever. I’ll feel glum for some reason or another, and […]

On Dying Many Deaths

The fact that we die a little every day is well established. It’s been said countless different ways by countless different people, and we’ve all internalized this knowledge to some extent.  The simplest understanding of this axiom is that every minute/hour/day brings us a little closer to our inevitable end. From this comes the idea […]

Failing to Think Well

There’s an especially ridiculous passage in Marcus Aurelius’ Mediations that I’d like to complain about today. Let me start by saying that I consider Meditations to be one of the best Stoic texts out there. It’s simple, short, and accessible. It’s great for people who are new to Stoicism, and it’s a stalwart companion for […]

Slow Traffic Bears Me No Ill Will

I got mad today. The world—the colossal body of which of which I am a mere molecule—behaved in a way that I didn’t like, and it pissed me off. It wasn’t blind rage. It wasn’t wrath or furor or anything so dramatic. It was just regular old anger, and here’s what it felt like: My […]

Why I Must Write

When I look at the garbled, nonsense morass of my inner life, I see a puzzle that I’ll never solve. I can’t even begin to make sense of my thoughts—to make them accessible to myself, let alone others—and I imagine that my efforts to do so will continue without result until they taper off unceremoniously […]