Half-Assed Philosophy

A Question

My laptop is still receiving treatment (though it should be back in action next week), and as such this week’s post will be short. Even last week’s post, which was itself unusually short, was a bit too long to comfortably write with thumbs only. This week, I’d just like to put a question out there. […]

The Electric Aneurysm

“Whatever you undertake, cast your eyes on death.” Seneca, Epistle 114.27 This past week, I suffered a sudden and unexpected loss. I was meeting with a friend online, and we were making small talk and preparing to play video games together. We were reviewing our respective weeks, joking around, and settling on which video game […]

Beyond Good and Evil Chapter One: Part 23

Part 23 of Friedrich Nietzsche’s Beyond Good and Evil marks the end of the book’s first chapter. This chapter, called On the Prejudices of the Philosophers, looked at different philosophers and philosophical traditions, from the ancient to the modern, and was critical of pretty much all of them. From Stoicism to Sensualism, from Plato to […]

Beyond Good and Evil Chapter One: Parts 21 and 22

In Part 19 of Beyond Good and Evil, Friedrich Nietzsche cast doubt on the notion that we can independently apply our will to ourselves and the world around us. He contended that the act of willing is complex, and that the sense of agency that accompanies it is but a superfluous part of the process. […]


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