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A Question

My laptop is still receiving treatment (though it should be back in action next week), and as such this week’s post will be short. Even last week’s post, which was itself unusually short, was a bit too long to comfortably write with thumbs only.

This week, I’d just like to put a question out there. A question that’s been swimming around in my head for a while, and that I’ve been having trouble articulating properly.

The question is this:

If free will is an illusion (and I believe it is), might it be an illusion that’s worth preserving? Is this illusion preferable to potentially undermining our sense of agency and personal responsibility?

I’ll leave the question unanswered for the moment. I have some thoughts on the subject, but I’ll save my opining for when I have a keyboard and a fifteen inch screen to facilitate my rambling.

Until next week.


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